Thursday, February 10, 2011


I had an interesting experience a couple of weeks ago as I was making a craft for a local contest.  I was taking a wooden box and decorating it...making it into a valentines day box for my children's valentines books.  After I was all done (took me about 6 hours) I was able to step back and look at what I had created.   While isn't the most amazing thing ever... I felt so good about what I had made.   I had a huge sense of accomplishment and couldn't wait to show someone.    I can't explain the feeling I felt inside...not sure how to.   But then as I was feeling this great sense of accomplishment I wondered if that is a little bit of what women feel when they give birth to a baby they helped create.    I am sure it is an amazing feeling to know you created this little beautiful person.   I am sure it is 100 times the feeling I felt over my little box.   For a moment I wished I could feel that feeling..
but I know I can't...
so life goes on.  
I got on my knees and thanked my Heavenly Father for the opportunity to create.