Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Just when you think your done with ultrasounds...

Back in 2005 when we said "Hasta Lavista" to fertility treatments I thought I had seen my last trans v. ultrasound...but I was wrong.   A few months ago I had a fun (not!) set of tests done to see if I had uterine cancer.   An ultrasound showed my lining was too thick had the doctor worried so after taking hormones to start a cycle I had another ultrasound only this time it was called a Sonohystogram.   It is a super fun test (gag, cough, puke) where they inject saline solution into your uterus.   The super fun part is when you have a titled uterus so they have to use some fun tool to bring everything to a place where the doctor can get the saline solution inside.  Once everything was in place they looked to see if there were any masses.  Thankfully there weren't any but because my lining was super thick we decided to do a biopsy just to be sure there wasn't anything growing in there.   The biopsy came back normal (sooo thankful!).   So I was sent home with orders to come back in 3 cycles to have another ultrasound to see if I had shed the lining.   Tomorrows my big day and I am hoping all is shed.  My current cycles is not looking like a promising one but I am hoping tomorrow I get a good report.  

I have to laugh at the thought that I was going to be done with ultrasounds....guess I get to forever have fun tests even though my uterus will never be home to a baby.   

Looking on the bright least they have tests to help keep me healthy.   
That is a true blessing.

If you are like me and have PCOS...make sure you have a cycle each month.   
Your body will thank you for it!