Monday, April 2, 2012

My Vapire Cyst has been captured! ;)

For months I have been dealing with pain from yet another ovarian cyst.   This one didn't want to go away on it's own.   My RE felt it was a "Dermoid" know the kind that can have things like teeth and hair in them.   Oh yes....the joy of what I have coined "The Vampire Cyst".  lol  I figure if I have to deal with the dang thing I can at least name it right??  

On March 12th my RE went in and got the little bugger.   He said it popped right out and started to roll around in my pelvis area.   He said he had to "play chase" with it to get it into his handy dandy little tool and get it out of my body.   This one was the size of a golf ball and sure enough it was a dermoid cyst and no cancer!   Yeay!!!

I am recovering nicely.   I thought this recovery would be easier than the recovery from having my other ovary removed (due to a huge cyst) but I was wrong.   This was much more painful and took a little longer to feel better.    Today it has been 3 weeks since my surgery and I am doing really well.   I still have to be careful but I feel great!   

I feel so blessed to be alive and to be able to move forward and not have to be in pain anymore.    I have so much to live for and so many blessings to count!