Wednesday, June 3, 2009

7 year old logic

It seems that even to young children Mommies through adoption are somehow not as valid as Mommies who birth their babies. I came to this understanding recently as I had a conversation with a little 1st grader. This conversation was started out of the blue and it really surprised me.
1st grader: "You don't know how to take care of a baby because you have never had a baby".
Me: "Well I have had three babies to take care of ...I know how to take care of a baby."
1st grader: "But you didn't have them....they were someone elses baby"
Me: "But I still took care of them and they are my babies"
That seemed to settle whatever was going on in her mind that made her bring it up to begin with. Then I realized I hadn't told her the whole story.....I have actuallly taken care of 5 babies. I shared that with her and she said: "Oh yeah...Ashanti and Chevey." It seemed to click for her then.

It is so funny the way kids mold things together. Hopefully our little conversation has helped her understand a little more. I wish I could remember everything we talked about but this is the basic.
Looking back this was a funny conversation...and I think it is hard to expect little ones to understand such deep concepts. I am glad she felt she could talk about it with me. :)