Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Good News about the Bad Shape.

Over the summer I was told I had fibroid tumors and a large cyst on my only ovary I have left.   I thought we were looking at a complete hysterectomy.   A few weeks ago I got some  great news.....what the radiologist saw was normal.  At least normal for me.   My uterus is is like a heart rather than an upside down triangle.   So when the radiologist thought he saw fibroids he was really looking at the "normal" me (if there is such a think).    I don't have a large cyst on my ovary...rather my ovary is large which is completely normal for a woman with PCOS like me.   So the great news is that I don't have to have surgery because the bad shape of things are just part of being Brenda with PCOS.   Gotta love seeing on a screen just how messed up you are but know that it is the kinda of messed up that is normal.  
 There is something wrong with that isn't there????

Speaking of bad shape....for those who understand pcos you understand the weight battle.  I seem to be losing that battle right now but I haven't given up hope!   I am heavier than I have ever been in my whole life but I know I can change this part of me.  I will never be a super model, miss (err I mean Mrs) America and I will probably never see my old size 5 again but I can be healthier and feel more comfortable in my own skin.   I am starting a new "segment" (or whatever you wish to call it) to my Small Adventures blog.   It will be every Tuesday and will be called "I Count".   If you are working your way back to health I hope you will come and visit every Tuesday so we can support one another.

The great thing about being me right now is that I like me...even in this frumpy self....I am happy!

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