Monday, June 2, 2008


I was creating a playlist for this blog and came across a song that I always loved. I clicked on it to play it and the flood of feelings came back to me. I realized this song is a triggers those feelings of longing for the birth experience. It is amazing how music can bring up emotions that have been dealt with long ago. Even though I am not grieving the birth experience anymore...I can remember every feeling and thought. This song is called "This Woman's Work". It is in the movie "She's Having a Baby".
Another trigger I have is going in to see friends/family who have recently given birth. Seeing the nursery at the hospital and all the flowers and the smiling faces of everyone who is congratulating the parents. While I am always very happy and excited about the new baby and happy for our family and also always reminds me what I didn't get to do with my husband. This trigger has gotten much easier the past 3 years.
What triggers do you have?

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