Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Growing out of despair...

"My Heart’s Garden"
I liken my heart unto a garden. In my garden was planted a seed called Desire. As I continually worked on my Desire I watched for it to grow but nothing happened. Weeds called Pain & Frustration entered into my garden....I wondered why I was given desire if it was not to produce? Over time a bigger weed called Hopelessness began to take over my garden. I struggled to overcome the pain, frustration and hopelessness. I felt so alone in my garden! I cried out to the Master Gardner for help!
As I asked for help I began to see the soil of my garden was becoming increasingly soft. The Son was sharing its warmth and I started to feel a new seed being planted. This seed was very delicate and needed a soft place to grow....it is called Faith. My seed of Faith began to grow slowly and as it grew I began to feel hope for my garden. I still felt pain from my first seed but I began to have understanding. My Faith continued to grow as I looked at the Son.
After years of working and growing I look and see a beautiful garden.....my Heart’s Garden! I see now that the seed that caused so much pain in the beginning helped my soil become soft and it was the soft soil that gave my Faith a tender place to grow.
From my seed of Faith grew love, understanding, hope, more faith, knowledge, testimony, compassion, joy, happiness and charity! Maybe someday my other seed will begin to grow but regardless if it does or doesn’t my garden is a masterpiece, a blessing, a miracle and a gift! Through my Heart’s Garden I have come to understand more fully promises given to Abraham and his seed. I especially have a deeper understanding of my Gardner and what He did for me in His Garden......called Gethsemane!

Written by:
Brenda Horrocks

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Mary (MEM) said...

That was beautiful, Brenda.