Tuesday, May 27, 2008

To be expected...but still hurt.

I remember feeling very relieved when I finally wrote these items out on paper. I am sure others could make their own lists. I am glad to be able to look back at this and know I don't feel the same pain from it today.
Things people do and say that is sometimes to be expected but still hurt!
- Grandparents showing me pictures of how much their other grandchildren look like them.
- Framing those "look alike" pictures and putting them out for all to see.
- Not acknowledging our Birth Parents and their selflessness and grief.
- Only acknowledging the Birth Families and forgetting that we have real feelings and pains we are trying to deal with as well.
- Treating giving birth as the most special way to receive children.
- Telling me how to deal with our Birth Families.
- Not acknowledging the role and hard work we endured to help bring our children home.
- Not acknowledging Heavenly Father in our miracles.
- Going on endlessly about how well so and so did during their labor and delivery, how well pain was tolerated, how "some women are made to give birth and others aren’t".
- Treating the issue of being very fertile as if it is as hard to deal with as being infertile.
- Treating me like I can’t handle any pregnancy news just because I am struggling with my own infertility.

Brenda S. Horrocks

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